Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up

Ариана Гранде и Пит Дэвидсон расстались

A beautiful story, which only recently shone in Saturday Night Live ended. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up. It is reported that the breakup occurred at the initiative of the comedian, because he is not ready for such a drastic step. Sources claim that the couple knew about because of the rapidity of engagement. Indeed, Ariana has agreed to marry Pete after a month of relationships!

Davidson had no immediate comment on the incident, but insiders tell of his deep sadness and sorrow. “Pete is absolutely devastated that they didn’t work out, Ariana is really the love of his life and soul mate. He hopes that all is not lost, that they can be together in the near future. This story must be a fairy tale ending”.

But Ariana to cope with the pressure of the fan could not cope and posted stories in instagram, in which he told about his condition. “It’s time to say bye-Bye Internet for a while. It is very difficult not to bump into the news, which I try not to see right now. This is all very sad, and we try to move on. Love you. And thank you for always being there for me”.

We will remind that becoming the boyfriend of Ariana Grande, Davidson suddenly became interesting to the most famous American radio host Howard stern. He has invited star on his radio show, which of course asked about relationship with Ariana. The conversation also revealed the unpleasant truth that is not happy neither Pete nor Ariana.

The stars got engaged just a month after the start of the relationship! Himself Pete still can’t believe it. He remembered the words of Ariana in a recent interview: “When I saw him I knew I would marry this guy married”. Davidson in shock! “This is the weirdest and coolest thing that could happen.”

This rapid development Pete withdraws to the fact that they just made for each other. “I think some people are just not cut out to be together and some created. We were supposed to be together.”

But not everything is as good as it seems. It seems to be wedding soon, all is well, but prevents all drug addiction Pete. He’s not going to stop Smoking marijuana, but recently died from an overdose of the former boyfriend of Ariana Mac Miller. “I smoked pot for eight years in a row every day, including on medical grounds. Three months ago I quit, and it was the most sad days in my life. And it was much worse.”

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