Аргентинский суд начал расследование смерти Федерико Гарсии Лорки

Eight decades later, the Argentine launched an investigation into the death of Federico Garcia Lorca, whose mysterious death in August 1936, still have not received an explanation. The initiator of the investigation was the Association for the recovery of historical memory.

According to the publication TRT, the similar petition was also sent to the Spanish authorities.
“A judicial investigation will deal with Maria Servini, which is investigating crimes against humanity” — said the head of the Association for the recovery of historical memory, Emilio Silva.
You know, about the poet, known for his sympathy for the Republicans, was captured and shot, allegedly by forces loyal to General Francisco Franco at the beginning of the Spanish civil war.
Also argued that garcía Lorca was just missing. During the exhumation of mass graves in Andalusia, where, presumably, was buried the poet, the researchers found no human remains. This confirms the theory that in fact, Lorca was shot and smuggled to Argentina.

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