Не смогла: Анисина разводится с Джигурдой после 8 лет брака

The couple was again in the center of the scandal.

Today, October 25, skater Marina Anisina filed a statement in court about the divorce of showman Nikita Dzhigurda. The reasons she listed “irreconcilable contradictions and irresponsible attitude of the spouse to the family.

And I think this time it’s serious: Anisina hired by the lawyers of Sergei Gorina, the famous and expensive lawyer in the cases of celebrities!

Nikita Dzhigurda meanwhile, for five days does not appear in the social networks and does not comment to journalists. However, his fans suspect that by breaking up with him Anisina pushed the recent scandal with the million inheritance!

Not so long ago, recall, the chair announced that soon will be a multimillionaire. They say, the godmother of his child Lyudmila Bratash, who died in February 2016 under mysterious circumstances, bequeathed 800 million rubles. What was the surprise of the public when it turned out that the artist greatly exaggerated the amount. Moreover, he has no grounds to claim the money rich friend. Read more HERE.

However, while the official document of divorce Dzhigurda and Anisina is still subject to change. Moreover, in February last year, celebrities have already tried to get a divorce, but… at the last moment, reconciled. Colleagues artists even suspected this is nothing like a PR-move. Maybe this time the script again?

Dzhigurda and Anisina, recall, were married in February 2008. They have two children – 7-year-old son Mick-angel-Krist and 6-year-old daughter Eva-Vlad.