Арарат Кещян старается сохранить свою семья
For five years now famous actor Ararat, Kesan by the public after starring in the TV series “Univer”, is happily married to his wife Catherine.

Арарат Кещян старается сохранить свою семья

The couple have two daughters grow up. According to Ararat, many families fall apart after a year or two after the wedding. The same thing happened with him, and he even thought about divorce, but then my brother gave him good advice.

Арарат Кещян старается сохранить свою семья

“I remember when it happened, Ashot said is very significant for me words: “I am not afraid that you’re going to get a divorce is a shame, but nothing can be done. I’m afraid that you have atrophied relation to the importance of this event”. He correctly observed”, – said the actor.

Recall that in November last year, in the family of Ararat second daughter was born, and now the couple dream of a third child.

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