Арарат Кещян терпит «издевательства» дочери Little Eva Viet father into the ropes. The heiress stars “Uni” uses his head as a springboard. On “violence” on the part of the successor of Ararat, Kesan reacts with humor. Fans of the actor impressed with his attitude to the child and believe that it turned out to be a great dad.

The star of the series “Univer” Ararat Cesana and his charming wife Catherine’s teenage daughter eve. Parents for a long time did not show the fans a little heiress, and only after the baby turned two, they stopped to hide her daughter’s face. And from now on Ararat, Kesan began to publish a series of fun videos featuring eve. Short videos every time raise the interest of fans, because they demonstrate how good and tolerant father was an actor. Video by daughter of Ararat Cesana blew up the Internet

Judging by the video, which Ararat posted on Monday, may 8, little Eva considers the Pope to be their property and was not afraid that her behavior might incur the wrath of the parent. Baby first marking feet on the head are barely awake Ararat, and then using it as jumping, dashing down down. Thus eve with swing lands directly on the face of the father. The first poses a grimace, giving to understand that he’s hurt, and then begins to laugh, rejoicing in the mischief of a little girl.

“You’re not hurt?” – asks Ararat’s daughter. “Net” she answers, looking into the eyes of the Pope.

Then the girl again gradsko climbs on the bed, probably in order to repeat the somersault. Reaction happy father’s delighted fans of the artist. Funny video and was deeply moved, they write about the fact that Ararat is just wonderful dad. “How much love”, “Very familiar. Dad be patient!”, “Walks all over”, “For this Pope and there are”, “And dad doesn’t hurt? But who cares? Twenty times I looked. Peace to your home!”, “Ararat, you are such a cute dad! Real! But maybe you should explain to the daughter that dad hurt? I feel sorry for you”, “Sweet deal for the folder to tread. Who knew that you’d make such a cute dad”, discuss the followers of Ararat behavior of his daughter.

Ararat, Kesan tries to spend as much time as possible with his family. Despite his busy schedule, he devotes every waking moment to spend with my daughter and wife. By the way, Catherine herself successfully combines the education of the child with their own business. The woman involved in the organization of weddings. Apparently, Catherine and little Eva is ready to accompany Ararat to work, so as not to be separated for a long time. Wife of the actor believes that it only binds a family together and leaves the children with wonderful memories.