Ararat, Kesan declared war on the users of social networks

Арарат Кещян объявил войну пользователям соцсетей
Star of TV series “Univer” deal with the haters.

Ararat, Kesan

Photo: @araratkeshchyan Instagram

The emergence of social networks “unleashed” hands star detractors. Now any Network user can give the artist their attitude to him personally or to his work and not always these reviews are positive. Celebrities choose different ways of dealing with the so-called “haters”. Someone puts them in a “block”, making it impossible to leave comments, while others defend their positions and are enemies with the dialogues.

Ararat, Kesan, famous for her role in the series “Univer”, staged a “sweep” of followers in social networks. The actor doesn’t want to hear the negativity in the address of themselves and their families and intends to convey this simple truth to the spiteful critics. “For the last couple of days, in the far publish to Instagram there were about 450 comments. About a hundred of them I was blocked. The position is this: Nahr**and my list of subscribers, cattle, bezdany, bolded and just rude people. And then I thought: “100 out of 450. It’s almost the fifth part.” If I had 1.5 million subscribers, then approximately 300,000 of them are not the pleasant people? Ooooh, guys, but we still have work to do. We will have a million, maybe less, but it will be people who have mouth not ahead of the brain. And the brain is more developed than jellyfish.

Say it again: I’m not a hunter huskies and podpisanie. I prefer less quantity but with more common sense. Flatter under each photo is also required. For forty years I have learned to take a sober look at things and their place in life. It’s different here, maybe staromodnaya or more conservative than on other pages. But honest. In General, as they say, we are few, but we vests!”

By the way, more than any other “haters” like to fuss Anastasia Volochkova. Answers ballerina criticism provoke serious conflicts on the Network.