Арарат Кещян сломал ногу
The actor was injured while playing football.

Ararat, Kesan

Photo: TNT

Of all sports Ararat, Kesan prefers football. He
childhood he loved to chase the ball in the yard, and over the years this hobby has grown in
is now a hobby. As soon as Cesena have some free time, he runs at
football field. But for several months the actor of the series “Univer” will have to refrain from playing. Ararat injured during a game leg so that the doctors had to do a surgery and put

The actor has published a photo, which depicted his leg after surgery. “The doctor said: “Football in
your life remains. But months 2 you’re just a theorist”. Well that season
started. At least watch”. By the way, Ararat asked fans in no
case, not to worry, not to get upset and izbavit him from too much attention. “All
okay. The injury was, was the operation, ” says Kesan. Don’t give me any “How
as bad. Get well soon”.

The doctor said: “Football in your life remains. But months 2 You’re just a theorist. Well that season started. At least to watch. Хештегнессытевсенормальнобылатравмабылаоперациябезвсякихмимимикакжеплохопоправьяйсяпоскорее.

A photo posted by Ararat Keshchyan (@araratkeshchyan) on Aug 15, 2016 at 3:44am PDT

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