April 27 saw the release of the clip Hanna’s new track “Omar Khayyam”

27 апреля состоялся релиз клипа Ханны на новый трек «Омар Хайям»

In the clip, Hannah appears before the audience in several images. Mirrored water surface and illuminated by rays of lights, sequins, bright light and play of shadows in video create a special ambiance.

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Hannah carefully thought out with the team each “stage persona”. Ranging from dresses, made specially for the video shoot of with a parachute, finishing with a painstaking work of makeup artists at the “creation” of the naked body, “dressed” in glitter.

In the clip there is no clear storyline, but the video for the song about love could hardly be more beautiful and fascinating. The clip was directed by Kate Yak, “Omar Khayyam” became her second collaborative work with Hannah.

In the video for the song “Omar Khayyam” I didn’t want to think of anything superfluous, to prescribe a complex plot – we decided to make just a very beautiful picture, which look nice, and sensuality will not concede to the track. In my opinion, we did it, “commented a new job Hannah.

Listen and download new track of Hannah’s “Omar Khayyam” in iTunes , Google Play and Yandex Music.

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