"Come on!": blogger and singer SOROKIN presented a new track June 23, Russian blogger, singer-songwriter SOROKIN presented the listeners with a new track: a groovy song called “OP!” tells about a coquette girl who started a game with the feelings of a hero in love.

"It fit!": blogger and singer SOROKIN presented a new trackAccording to the plot of the track, the fatal beauty literally leads the guy by the nose and with her appearance makes it clear that she would like to “make friends” with him, but at the same time remains impregnable. In the end, the guy gains courage and decides on drastic measures. He takes, as they say, the bull by the horns, and asks the girl a direct question, which, as many people think, dotted all the “and” and certainly laid the foundation for something more between the couple than just a frivolous flirtation:

“Op , approached,
Well, what's the matter?!
With her glance at one or two
Deceived, circled.
“Oops, she came up,
Well, what's the matter?
With her look at one or two
Killed the kid!..”

"It fit!": blogger and singer SOROKIN presented a new track

SOROKIN — a well-known blogger, tiktoker, weiner, streamer and beatboxer with a multi-million audience, as well as a charismatic artist who presented the public with many bright tracks and clips – “Ping-Pong”, “Daisy Girl”, “Friday” and others.

As the artist said in one of his interviews, his songs are kind of funny ditties that sound fresh and modern and, of course, make people smile. It is the transfer of positive emotions and the creation of a good mood that is the main mission of the artist's creativity. According to SOROKIN, with his music he wants to charge listeners with positive, give them joy and make people at least a little happier. And he really succeeds: the artist's songs respond to many listeners and always collect a lot of positive feedback on the network.

New SOROKIN track “OP!” is already available for listening on all musical platforms of the country. Sing and have fun with the artist and be positive this summer!

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