Appeared intriguing divorce Sergei Shnurov

Появились интригующие подробности развода Сергея Шнурова
Singer denies that he has broken up with his wife due to infidelity.

Sergei Shnurov wife Matilda

Photo: @Instagram shnurovs Sergei Shnurov

In the media again discuss divorce Sergei Shnurov. It would seem that the reason for the separation of the soloist of group “Leningrad” clear — Mathilde tired to tolerate her husband’s infidelity. First, this version existed on the level of rumors and gossip. But then Cords publicly confessed that he “walked” from his wife. Suddenly, however, has revealed new details of his breakup with his wife.

As it turned out, Matilda went from Sergei not because of infidelity. Cords gave a Frank interview in which he denied that the reason for the divorce was his infidelity. Appeared intriguing details of parting: it is possible that this is not the singer met a new love and his wife. However, Sergey “gone” from the direct question of journalists, whom it could exchange the Matilda.

Cords said that he attempted “to glue the Cup”, that is, to restore relations, but his wife was very decisive in their actions. “It is useless to glue the Cup, if the woman has conceived to steal the entire service,” — said Sergei in an interview with “Esquire”. Now fans are wondering: what exactly is meant Cords?