В Выборге появился двойник Райана Гослинга
Stir in the film festival “Window to Europe” made a star of the TV series “Junior”.

В Выборге появился двойник Райана Гослинга

Danila Yakushev

Photo: Helen Is Wonderful

Ryan Gosling

Photo: Fotodom.ru

At the festival “Window to Europe” in Vyborg usually come
only Russian celebrities. But this year the whole city was and looking troubled by the news
that in one of the hotels settled himself Ryan Gosling. Only fans of the TV series “Junior”
immediately realized that we are talking about 30-year-old Russian actor Daniel Yakushev,
which is really very similar to a Hollywood star.

In Vyborg Danila Yakushev and his partner, “Junior” Alexander Sokolov presented a competitive tape — black Comedy Superplague” Dmitry
Suvorov, which also played Anya chipovskaya and Alexander Revva.

Yakushev recognized that is not yet tired of the constant comparisons
it with Gosling. The actors are outwardly so similar, what could replace each
other on set. “This is more mom and dad tried, assured 7days.ru Daniel.
And I think that’s not the worst comparison, after all, Gosling is a talented actor, the best in its generation
Hollywood. I honestly follow his work and read his interview. On
just in case you suddenly have to collaborate”.

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