Appearance emaciated Alexei Makarov shook fans

Внешний вид отощавшего Алексея Макарова потряс поклонников
Actor began to look even more thin and haggard.

Alexey Makarov

Photo: @makarov_alexey_ Instagram Alexey Makarov

Alexey Makarov posted a photo that his fans questions. In the picture, which the artist has placed on the personal page in social networks, it is inscribed in the strange, as considered by its subscribers. Emaciated appearance, unkempt beard, disheveled hair… after watching a microblog Alexei began to put forward the version that explains the changes in appearance of the actor. Portrait Makarova has provoked a wave of rumors that the actor may be suffering from addiction to alcohol or illegal drugs.

Son of Lyubov Polishchuk only laughing at the insights of Network users. Its thinness Alex explains love of sport and healthy eating. While some fans are horrified “emaciated” figure Makarova, others with admiration ask on how to achieve a similar result. To the questions of some fans about the fight against excess weight he says that is achieved through the run, a low carbohydrate diet, and training with “iron” (referring to bars). The most discussed photo, by the way, was apparently taken just after a workout.

Recently Alex, by the way, was often to publish in social networks video and photo with my eight-year-old daughter Barbara. The girl grows up, like his father, a performer, trying on different images and delighting parents with home performances. Granddaughter Polishchuk already started filming, and the estimated ones, it has a great future in acting path.