Appearance daughter Klimova and Meskhi splitting the fans

Внешность дочки Климовой и Месхи рассорила фанатов
Little Bella has already chosen her future profession.

Bella, the daughter of Ekaterina Klimova

Ekaterina Klimova published on the eve in the Network touching a photo of your youngest daughter Bella, who was born two years ago. The actress does not often indulge followers pictures of girls and, apparently, nothing. Each new picture of Bella is a wild excitement among her fans.

This time photography became for fans a stumbling block. In an attempt to establish who is more like Bella, the fans in the nines quarreled. One think that she inherited all of dad’s facial features, others that mother’s. “Daddy’s girl!”, “So rose… my mom’s copy of”, “People, what’s wrong with you? It’s a mini-version of Gela Meskhi”, — write fans.

By the way, baby Bella has already decided whom she wants to be when you grow up. Apparently, she dreams of becoming a chef. And Catherine took a neutral position and does not climb with advice to their children. A few days ago Klimova published a candid shot, taken while waiting for the birth of the child..