Apina about the divorce: “All the hype flies in the daughter”

Апина о разводе: «Вся шумиха летит в дочь»

The singer first spoke about the reasons for the separation from her husband.

For several days, print and online media are full of headlines about the disorder in the family of Alena’s Ipinoy. Initially the singer did not comment the information about divorce, so journalists in his reflections on the causes of the breakup was based only on hearsay and their own assumptions. When the rumors became too much, Apina decided to talk honestly about the family situation, and all at once.

The singer wrote a long message on his page in the social network, which confirmed the information about the divorce. “This is a case when all that is happening around (your discussions, convictions, assumptions, etc.) have no value and meaning, – says Alyona. — All the hype which you lift, flying only one way – our daughter! She’s only 14. All who is to blame, why, what, etc. – have no meaning! And does not cancel the fact. Yes. I’M FILING FOR DIVORCE. This period of my life ends. It was very large and for many of you is very beautiful. But life is much wiser than many of us. We with Alexander there are no rival in love, there is no great global causes for this step. It’s just time. Thank you all for your participation and excitement. And try less to discuss it. Today the most important thing is not to bring the problems of our daughter. Everything else is not modify. Yes, and life does not end there.” Fans of the singer how can I support her in comments: “Alena! You clever! All other zlosloviya – in the woods! Everything will be okay!” “I wish you happiness with daughters in their new life! Everything will be okay!” “Alena, you’re not that beautiful, wise and strong! Let everything be good!” “Alena, my heart bleeds from such news. I Ksenia I wish you patience and all the best. You both deserve the best! We are with you”.

Recall that Apina was married to businessman and producer Alexander Iratov since 1991. In 2001 they had a daughter Ksenia.

Think it came to divorce and have another pair. The singer posted a Instagram post, in which he complained of being betrayed by people close to her.

— Most likely, we will get a divorce – admitted Tatiana Bulanova Woman’s Day. — History were not as trivial and straightforward as it is understood most of the subscribers. Read more at the link.