Anzhelika Varum was reported that he became “grandma”

Анжелика Варум сообщила, что стала «бабушкой» Popular singer told his fans that on the eve of her family has “children”. Star loves his cat, so couldn’t help share a photo with three newborn kittens.

      Анжелика Варум сообщила, что стала «бабушкой»

      Popular Russian pop star known for her passion for cats. In her microblog from time to time there are shots of her home of the favourite of the NYSE, which is very similar to her mistress. Cat Varum yesterday became the happy mother of three little kittens. Angelica shared on the social network black-and-white photo in which you see the outlines of kids. Under the photo of the star jokingly wrote: “Congratulate me! I became a “grandmother”. Scent gave us three kids. They’re so tiny.” Followers of Angelica immediately reacted to the news: “Congratulations, kids – it’s always good, and especially one with the hair and touching”, “Let them grow zdorovenki”, “Let it grow a sturdy, three grandchildren.”, “How lovely!”.

      Even during the tour, the singer managed to find some kitten and cuddle it. So, during one of his trips, the star asked the hotel in Rostov striped to shelter your pet, as to take him she, unfortunately, could not.

      However, the 46-year-old star is ready to be grandma” just for kittens. Her daughter Elizabeth, who is living and studying in the United States since five years, only 17 years old. By the way, the singer recently revealed that her daughter had a boyfriend, which she immediately approved. The girl from five years studying in the United States. Angelica tries to get out more with Lisa in touch and supported her in everything to avoid problems in upbringing. Varum communicates with a girl on equal terms, because he believes that it helps them to understand each other better. The Russian performer was of the opinion that we should not look on the younger person from our life experience, we should not impose their decisions, the child must make our own way through trial and error. Lisa was a musically talented girl. Daughter Angelica plays guitar and sings in a rock band “Without Gravity”. On the Christmas holidays Elizabeth came to her mother in Moscow.

      “Lisa is very modest. Offer to buy her a new phone, and she said “why do I…” And in a clothing store daughter does not drag. I don’t even know what is this phenomenon. It would seem that the girl should love dresses, the dresses, and she’ll pull my jeans and black t-shirt and feel satisfied. Although still, something started to change, and she began to look to more feminine clothing,” said the singer to one of the editions.

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