Анжелика Варум рассказала, как проведет свой день рождения
The singer turns 47 years old.

Angelika Varum

Photo: @avarum (Instagram Angelika Varum)

Today marks his birthday Anzhelika Varum.
It is impossible to believe, but the singer turned 47 years old. On this occasion, the star
posted on the page in the social network his childhood photo. On
published photo future star three years.

in this picture, in the three years I was on eighty — laughing
Angelica. — Today I’m forty-seven. What can I say? Younger!”

The first greeting she received just after midnight. But, oddly enough, not from her beloved husband — Leonid Agutin, who spoke yesterday at the Crocus city Hall the concert of memory of Batyrkhan Shukenov.

“First I congratulated the sister who lives in Australia, told Varum. — Then they had already early in the morning, and I was just about to go to bed. Sumptuous feasts today, we do not will, this evening I will spend in her favorite place — on stage. We give a concert in Irkutsk. And after the show will be cake! The mood is perfect and all what I want. As my dad used to say: “the Pattern on the face is all important.”

Judging from this picture, in three years I felt at eighty. ))) Today I am 47 years old. What can I say?!.. Younger! Thank you very much for the congratulations!

A photo posted by Angelika Varum (@avarum) on May 26, 2016 at 1:04am PDT

Leonid Agutin congratulated Angelica not only personally, but also virtual: he wrote in his personal blog, a real ode to the virtues and beauty of his wife.

“Today I have a great holiday! — wrote Agutin. — The birthday of my wife,
my beloved and dear Angelika Varum! Person, a meeting which was
predefined. Women whose love is a gift of my destiny. Women of my life.
My sweet and tender Tiny. My little, strong and brave Sparrow.
My fortress and reliability. Our wise owls home. My ray of light in
cloudy world. The most beautiful and touching singer on this earth. The
special and unique. The closest of the living on earth.
My dear, I congratulate you! With all my heart I wish that you were
healthy and happy! And, as a sincere fan of yours, I wish a permanent and
you deserve your wonderful, honest and highly
be creative!”

Fans admired written and joined in the congratulations.

If yesterday the whole Internet was full of congratulations to Christina Aguilera,
celebrated her 45th anniversary, today the social networks for sure
will be dedicated to Angelica.

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