Anzhelika Varum frying burgers for a male

Анжелика Варум жарит котлеты для самца Popular singer showed her fans what she feeds her husband. The star placed in Instagram a photo of the cakes and their recipe, signing: “My male their respects”. So tenderly and playfully loving wife calls husband.

      Анжелика Варум жарит котлеты для самца

      Angelika Varum shares in his microblog details of family life. Not so long ago, she told fans about the new addition to their family: her beloved cats had kittens. Recently, the star of the pop scene showed a photo of a mouth-watering cutlets and gave subscribers the recipe for this dish.

      “This morning when I was coming back from the ocean, came down on me flighty bird, like a dwarf crow, and lightly pecked the top of my head. My first thought, based on people’s signs, was “something with Granny.” Called – it’s all right,” began to tell the backstory of the singer.

      According to Varum, after you call your grandmother she remembered what delicious burgers prepares this woman. Going to the store for all the Essentials, the singer decided to make myself a chicken cutlet. Describing the recipe of this delicious dish, Angelica wrote that her husband gladly eats them. “My male their respects” – with humor said the star.

      Fans paid attention to nick, who Angelica was christened Leonid Agutin, and praised the culinary skills of a star. “Cool! Thanks for the ready recipe! Never did, just fried and all. Tomorrow I will try. My male also loves burgers”, “Bon appetit to you and your male”, “thank you so much for the delicious recipe your grandmother and you: my male swallowed cutlets,” wrote the women.

      Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum is considered one of the strongest couples of the Russian show-business. The couple have been married for 18 years. The stars are not shy to talk about family life in their microblogs and to admit each other love in public. According to Agutin, Angelica would be better to live with more distant from show business a man who would solve the problems of the singer and substituted a strong shoulder after the concerts. However Varum does not think so.

      Despite rumors that often occur about the love intrigues of a pair of someone, Anzhelika and Leonid constantly prove that their marriage is not threatened. They have a number of rules, which the husband and the wife hold in family life: the couple have no right not to see more than a certain amount of time, they sleep in different places and strive to be together forever.

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