Anything extra: Vera Brezhnev struck fans of erotic photo shoot

Ничего лишнего: Вера Брежнева сразила фанатов эротической фотосессией
Fully Nude, the singer has found a new title.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: @velvetmusic Instagram

Vera Brezhnev for the fourth time became the “sexiest woman of Russia” by Maxim magazine. In honor of the victory of the performer in the annual competition among the stars men’s magazine has published a previously unreleased photo, which the singer appeared in the Nude. The gained a lot of popularity among fans of the genre of filming in the style of “Nude”.

Faith itself yet modestly silent about his victory on social networks. Incidentally, in the first stage — readers ‘ poll was topped by singer Maxim, and Vera took only the seventh place. However, after the evaluation of experts in the first place “broke” Brezhnev.

By the way, the nomination was also represented former colleague of Brezhnev in the group “VIA Gra” Albina dzhanabaeva, but it failed to get even into the top twenty. However, as the sweetheart of a novel — Pauline Andreeva.

Recall that in fact Faith does not often allow himself shooting so piquant. For example, during the filming of the video for the song “I don’t play the” Brezhnev would come into the frame completely naked. But the singer did not dare to take such a risky step. “Actually, it was not “Nude”, and a special beige thin linen, which is then removed in post production but I didn’t say that!” — admitted not so long ago Faith.