Anybody came to the defense of the accused in the fraud Novikova

Шуфутинский встал на защиту обвиняемого в мошенничестве Новикова The artist believes that a colleague is innocent. Mikhail Shufutinsky came to the Studio “Let them speak”, to Express an opinion about Alexander Novikov. Nine years ago, in the land of the artist began construction of cottage, however, investors still have not received housing.
Шуфутинский встал на защиту обвиняемого в мошенничестве Новикова

At the end of last year, the famous performer of a chanson Alexander Novikov was charged. He was suspected of fraud in especially large size. As you know, in 2008 began the construction of the village on land owned by Novikov. The artist promised that after four years people to settle in new homes. However, in 2011, the construction stopped, and after a while a criminal case was initiated against the artist.

According to investigators, Novikov and former Deputy Minister of economy of the Sverdlovsk region Mikhail Shilimanov collected from the shareholders of construction a cottage settlement of 150 million rubles. Now angry depositors who wanted to move into his own house, they want to get justice is to return the money or to get housing. Novikov himself is under house arrest, and his property in the amount of 250 million rubles was arrested.

In Studio “Let speak” there was a friend of Alexander Mikhail Shufutinsky. He believes that the colleague on a scene in no way to blame.

“I don’t think Sasha could take off and assign. People know the laws. Charges that he advertised this village? I do not understand what he is accused,” said the artist.
Шуфутинский встал на защиту обвиняемого в мошенничестве Новикова

According to anybody, Novikov was only advertising cottage village, and was responsible for the overall project. Alexander came out on direct communication with Studio “Let them talk”, to clarify the situation. The man admitted that unselfishly helped with advertising, and did not get money for being on its territory the large-scale construction.

“I’m the owner of the land to four hectares. I gave their land free to the developer, and not the shareholder, there to build a house. After the sale of apartments for the land I would give the money. There was construction going on. I advertised for free so the house was built. In 2012 there was a crisis, building up. I had no relationship, no”, – said the artist.
Шуфутинский встал на защиту обвиняемого в мошенничестве Новикова

Also came to the Studio investors who were supposed to shelter five years ago. They stated that the house is ready is only half – in areas there are no communications. Some shareholders took out a loan in order to bring the dream of their own apartments.

According to experts, the construction site cannot continue because of the arrest of the property. Some Studio guests suggested that shareholders are not interested in completing the project.

Шуфутинский встал на защиту обвиняемого в мошенничестве Новикова“I’m not going to apologize to anyone, I want the villains-the shareholders tomorrow entered. Minister of construction wolves visited with the Commission, journalists,” – said Novikov and noted that people should come to developers, to sign the contract and get the keys to the property.