Anya chipovskaya spoke about his phobias

Аня Чиповская рассказала о своей фобии
The actress admitted that many countries can not go. She is not for each resort. “…

Anya Chipovskaya

Photo: Gregory Bezenchuk

Anya chipovskaya admitted that can not go to many countries, because it is not for each resort. “I have a phobia, — said the actress. — I’m afraid of separate land masses and Islands. I only feel safe on the mainland. Loved this year’s holiday in Greece: a wonderful climate and a very short flight. And the winter is not going anywhere. Spend New year at home with family — it’s great!”

We will remind, now NTV is the series “ordeal” with Anna Chipovskaya in one of the main roles. A 12-episode feature film tells the
about a turning point for Russia the events of 1914-1919 years. The main roles in the film
performed Yuliya Snigir, Anna chipovskaya, Leonid Bichevin and Paul Trubiner. The series
“Ordeal” is based on the legendary novel about destinies of Russian
intelligentsia before the Revolution. In the center of the story — Bulavin sisters: Kate and
Dasha, the role which was played Snigir and chipovskaya.

Dasha Bulavin come to learn on the legal
courses of the native of Samara in St. Petersburg. She lives together with her older sister Kate
and her husband, lawyer Sokolnikova Nikolai (Aleksey Kolgan). Dasha head
goes into the life of the creative Bohemia of the Northern capital and fascinated young
poet Aleksey Bessonov (Anton Shagin).

But one evening, the family structure collapses:
it turns out, Bessonov stole the heart of her married sisters. After the open treason
the spouses separate, and she met with the engineer of the Baltic plant Ivan
By Telegony (Leonid Bichevin).