Аня Чиповская: «Феминизм — это не про меня!»
7days.EN is a blatant teaser for the film featuring popular actress.

Very soon on the screens out the film “the Net
art” Renata Davletyarova, in which the main role is played by Anya
Chipovskaya. Before the premiere 7days.ru met the actress and found out all about it
heroin and a little bit about the Ana.

— Initially the role of your character was to play
another actress. How did it happen that you received it?

Аня Чиповская: «Феминизм — это не про меня!»

— Initially I was sent to read the script, but I
didn’t even go to the audition, knowing that at the time of filming I have scheduled a large
theatrical project. So I didn’t even go to casting. But my plans fell through:
the performances were cancelled, and the actress approved on the main role in “Clean
art — Anastasia mikulchina, got sick and was unable to appear. Two days
prior to filming again offered me this role. In the end, I came to the casting and
immediately began to appear, as it was the first day of shooting. So it was

— Do you believe in fate?

Аня Чиповская: «Феминизм — это не про меня!»

— Everything is relative. On the one hand, you do not want
to believe that everything out there is decided for us, and with another — it is foolish to rely
just for ourselves, we don’t know what will happen in an hour. I tend to believe that
mine will not leave me, so never looked for, not sought through
the thorns… I like to think that the universe is an initiative, not mine.

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  • Аня Чиповская: «Феминизм — это не про меня!»
    Renat Davletyarov

  • Аня Чиповская: «Феминизм — это не про меня!»
    Anna Chipovskaya


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