Anya chipovskaya dramatically changed the image

Аня Чиповская кардинально изменила имидж
The actress decided to cut her gorgeous hair.

Photo: Press service of the Maison Bohemique

Anya chipovskaya smote all the guests yesterday the fashion show of the brand Maison Bohemique, the face of which it is for several years. The actress came to the event with a new short haircut. Before long locks were the hallmark of the stars and created an image of a romantic nature. Now chipovskaya an elegant lady who is capable of much.

As it turned out, this new image — hair, makeup, style, were created by the stylists of the brand right on the day of the show. The transformation of Ani replied the makeup artist Andrey Shilkov, designer Artem Bottom and a specialist in hair Natalia Kovalenkova. Most Chipovskaya new haircut so much that she is in a personal blog even confessed his love to the masters.

“I love you, I’m really glad it happened! — she wrote. Thanks for that realized the dream!”

Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me, nishigaoka not obamaaaa! Not obamaaaa looooooove!?? @bohemique

A post shared by Anya Chipovskaya (@chi_pa) on Oct 10, 2017 at 4:59am PDT

Actress fans ambiguous reacted to the change of image Chipovskaya. However, to speak negatively and, moreover, to write rude blog Ani is not accepted. All her fans know that non-constructive criticism you can get into the “ban”.

“I very rarely write nasty things on the Network, — said the actress in an interview to “7 Days”. — I “bath” once. I was very surprised that some people I feel I have a right to judge me”.

So someone actually refrained from comment, and someone just and fair verdict: “the Goddess!”