Какие ошибки совершила Виктория Бекхэм в молодости

Какие ошибки совершила Виктория Бекхэм в молодости

Famous singer and fashion designer, 47-year-old Victoria Beckham has never hidden the secrets of her beauty from the fans. The other day she was a guest star in the morning British television show in which he shared his thoughts about the inevitability of aging. Sincerely, the singer said that he is not afraid of old age and not taking any measures to artificially look younger.

“I take your age and not trying to look younger. I just want to look good for my age, I want to be the best version of yourself. Try to preserve and to care about what I have at the moment. I really don’t want to change anything” – this is the opinion of Victoria.

Celebrity also stressed that every age she likes, and she with a smile, watching its changes, it is interesting to notice. Unfortunately, it upsets the term “aging” and how people present it, so try not to apply to themselves and the environment.

Of course, at the time of shooting of the TV show, the conversation turned to her work, and she remembered how in the beginning of her career she performed in the group Spice Girls. In that period of life the star has done a lot of beauty mistakes. The most basic of these is the bright makeup.

Star often reviewing your photos and smiles of youth, because everywhere on her lips very much, even too much of the pencil. She remembers that time with gratitude, it taught her the basic rule in makeup – less, but better.

Victoria recently gave an interview in which he proudly announced that never got plastic surgery. But what if due to certain circumstances she will have is when to do it to hide will not. Yet there’s no need, the singer was completely satisfied with her appearance.

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