Родители Антона Ельчина жаждут наказать виновных в смерти их сына
Mother and father of the actor intend to achieve justice!

Anton Yelchin

As reported by the Associated Press,
the parents of the deceased in June Anton Elchina — Victor and Irina — have officially filed a lawsuit against
machine manufacturer Jeep
Cherokee 2015
year, killed the young actor. As stated by the family’s lawyer Gary Dordick,
the appellants claim argue that the immediate cause of their son’s death became a technical
the defect is hidden by the manufacturers of the vehicle. We are talking about structural failure
transmission for a machine that was supposed to be in Parking mode,
that is still standing began to drift, and
led to the death of Anton.

Automaker Fiat Chrisler threatened now
really serious trouble. It seems that the company may not pay
only money but also their reputation. The fact that the claim of the family Elicinia is not the first judicial claim submitted
to the company this year. Investigation conducted earlier law firm
Hagens Berman,
revealed more than 300 incidents resulting in serious injury of the owners of this

In 2014 and 2015 manufacturers at its
the wild have recalled more than million vehicles. That is, they were aware of the fact that Jeep Cherokee
unsafe for drivers and passengers. Clearly, however, was withdrawn
not all defective cars. Therefore, the representatives of Hagens Berman in its lawsuit
accuse the company of “deliberate concealment of defects and accidents
the resultant”. About it reported the Internet-a portal of sorts.

As for the parents of Anton,
crushed by his own car in June of this year, how much they
not worried about the death of his son, they will have to soon take another
trial. The fact that Anton, who died at the age of only 27 years,
did not leave a will. Meanwhile, despite his youth, the talented
the actor managed to earn quite a lot. His house, next to which
there was a terrible accident that caused his death, worth over 700 thousand
dollars. And in total, as Anton is estimated at 1 million 400 thousand

now Viktor and Irina by Elkinym
have to prove their rights to the inheritance of the son. It is quite possible that
where it will be, as often happens in such cases, any “civil
wife” or “illegitimate children” by Anton…

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