Родители Антона Ельчина обвиняют в смерти сына автоконцерн The couple are convinced that the actor died due to defects in design. The mother and father of Hollywood actor of Russian origin Anton Elchina will seek a court penalty.

      In June, the whole world has heard the tragic news about the death of Hollywood actor Anton Elchina. The young actor was lost under wheels of own car. The investigation continues as police still have not figured out all the circumstances of the case.

      It is known that friends were waiting for Anton in rehearsal, but he stopped communicating, and they got worried. Several hours later, on 19 June at the house Elcina in Los Angeles, was discovered the lifeless body of 27-year-old actor. Anton came under the wheel of his own car – he forgot to put the car on the handbrake and it rolled down the sloping driveway, holding a young man between the bonnet and the gate.

      The parents of the departed actor still can’t recover from grief. They are blamed for the death of the son of the carmaker Fiat Chrysler, placing the responsibility for the tragedy on the manufacturers of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which belonged to the artist. Western media reported that the mother and father of the Hollywood star intends to sue the Corporation the penalty for the “violent death of his son due to significant defects in the design of the machine.

      It should be noted that parents have every reason to push this version. The fact that at the end of June, a group of owners of Jeep Grand Cherokee in the US filed a class action lawsuit against the company Fiat Chrysler. Representatives of motorists claim that the automaker fraudulently concealed the flaw of the lever of more than 800 thousand vehicles produced, and it caused a lot of accidents.

      According to experts, the awkward lever design causes drivers to be confused neutral and Parking gears. It is not excluded that before the death of Anton Yelchin parked as usual outside his home, but saw that the car remained in neutral. The car rolled down from the slope and crushed the artist to the metal bars.

      At the moment the parents are Hollywood celebrities are dealing with the issue of inheritance. Victor and Irina Elicina asking the superior court of Los Angeles to appoint their managers of the property of the son. From documents follows, that the inheritance of the artist is estimated to be worth over a million dollars.

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