Anton’s father Alcina: “the Son is alive for us, just left for a long time”

Отец Антона Ельчина: «Сын для нас жив, просто уехал надолго» Relatives of the actor told how to live after his death. Dad of the famous artist, famous throughout the world for the first time openly talked about it. Anton’s parents Elicina cherish the memories of him and prepared to launch several important projects dedicated to his favorite child.

      Отец Антона Ельчина: «Сын для нас жив, просто уехал надолго»

      The star of “alpha Dog” and “star trek” would have celebrated March 11 28 years. But last June, Anton tragically was lost under wheels of own car – he forgot the bag, got out of the car, not putting it on the hand brake. The rolling along the gentle driveway, pinned him to the fence. Friends missed not coming to the rehearsal actor in a few hours… But it was too late. The father of the artist, Victor Abramovich, on the eve of his son’s birthday for the first time agreed to speak frankly about it.

      Anton Yelchin died because of a forgotten bag at home

      “We do not remember Antosha, he is with us every second – was, is and will be, – shares with “StarHit” Yelchin senior. – Experienced, failed, took his departure. Son for us to be alive, just gone for a long time. We continue to communicate with him every day as a living. It helps. Because they do not want strangers entered the house of Anton, who he loved, recently sold his and live in his mansion. Nothing changed, just all the walls are now hung with photographs and movie posters”.
      Отец Антона Ельчина: «Сын для нас жив, просто уехал надолго»

      According to Victor Abramovich, Anton was a wonderful man, son, friend. When I was in Los Angeles, every night had dinner with my parents. “Spoiled us with gifts, despite our objections, continues the father of the actor. – He has left many friends, colleagues – they visit us, call. And Anton just loved the dogs and helped the homeless with money, food. Thanked them when he took”.

      Now the life of Irina and Viktor Elcanah almost entirely dedicated to the memory of his son. “A lot of projects related to Tony – says Victor Abramovich. – Organized charitable Foundation Anton Yelchin Foundation, designed to help young people suffering from serious illnesses or injuries. Discuss with galleries in new York and Warsaw time of the exhibition of photographs of the son he loved this case. Let’s make a movie about Anton: Director, producer, cinematographer is looking for sponsors. Ira writes a book of memoirs. Also wife (a professional skater. – Approx. “StarHit”) 1-2 times a week helps your student to prepare for the competition, gave him the program.”

      Parents Elicina admit that still can’t watch old movies son hard. In addition, they are not trusted to carry out his first directorial project: Anton was going to shoot a picture under the name “Travis”. The work was scheduled to begin in July 2016. On the grave of the actor in the mount Sinai Me-Morial Park is always a lot of flowers. Anton Yelchin interview during a recent visit to the homeland

      “We spend every day few hours at the cemetery, says Victor Abramovich. – Soon to install a monument – a bronze sculpture will appear this summer”.