Семья Антона Ельчина: «Это против природы, когда родители хоронят детей» Victor and Irina Elicina announced their version of the cause of death. The parents of Hollywood actor gave a press conference, during which they emotionally talked about his deceased son and promised to fight for justice.

      Семья Антона Ельчина: «Это против природы, когда родители хоронят детей»

      The life of Anton Elchine ended abruptly. 27-year-old actor died in a tragic accident. 19 Jun talented Hollywood actor died. The star of “star trek” and “Terminator” fell under the wheels of his car.

      The tragedy occurred in the yard of the house artist in Los Angeles. According to police, the car Elcina was not put on the hand brake and rolled down the sloping driveway, holding a man between the bonnet and the gate. Parents can not recover from grief, as Anthony was their only child, hope and support in life.

      Despite the depressed state, Victor and Irina Elcina organized a press conference in which they talked about their feelings. Grief-stricken couple has promised to punish those responsible for the death of his son.

      “Despite our grief, we decided to come here to protect other families from similar tragedy. Anton was our only son, he was a remarkable man, very humble, very simple, very honest, generous, loving. This is wrong, it is against nature, when parents bury their children,” said the father of actor Victor.

      Anton’s parents conducted their own investigation of the death of his son. Victor and Irina are convinced that the tragedy was the fault of the automaker Fiat Chrysler. Elicina met people who, like Anton, bought the car Jeep Grand Cherokee, and then suffered from a defect in the gearbox of the car. According to us media reports, the mother and father of the Hollywood star intends to sue the Corporation the penalty for the “violent death of his son due to significant defects in the design of the machine.

      Anton’s parents Elicina blamed for the death of the son of the carmaker

      “Anton died because of a defect of Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 model year. Company Fiat Chrysler knew about these defects but did not take action to protect families who trusted them. The profit for this company more important than safety. We intend to seek justice,” said the family’s lawyer Eljenih.

      According to experts, bad design of the shift lever in the car makes drivers confuse neutral and Parking gears. It is not excluded that before the death of Anton Yelchin parked outside his home, but saw that the car remained in neutral. The car rolled down from the slope and crushed the artist to the metal bars.

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