Antonio Banderas will play the mentor Andrea Bocelli in a biopic about the singer

Антонио Бандерас сыграет наставника Андреа Бочелли в байопике о певце

Antonio Banderas last year he was a student. The actor was interested in the production of clothing, so he decided to study design and has even managed to release his first collection. Despite the heavy workload, Banderas remembers about the case, which brought him popularity, and engaged them with pleasure. Today it became known that the actor will once again be on the set. This time for a biographical project about Italian singer Andrea Bocelli.

The biopic is called “Music of silence” (“The Music ofSilence”). The film is based on memoirs of the artist, released in 1999. The narration is conducted from a first-person alter-ego Bocelli named Amos Bardi. The hero will tell us about his loving family who supported his musical endeavours from an early age, gradually developed blindness and rapid success. As reported by Variety, a great gift for fans of the musician will sound in the film songs written by Andrea young, which has never been performed.

In addition to Banderas in the film we see Toby Sebastian, Go Moglia.

The Director of the project will be Michael Radford. The authors of the script were Michael Radford, Anna Pavignano Maestro Bocelli.

The main role in the film will perform Sebastian, Banderas will be his on-screen mentor. Shooting will start soon in Rome.