Антонио Бандерас напугал поклонников болезненным видом
Fans suspected that the actor has problems with his heart.

Antonio Banderas


57-year-old Antonio Banderas, appearing at the event on the output of the series of screens
“The genius,” where the actor played the role of the great artist Pablo Picasso, was struck by his appearance. Antonio looked
absolutely sick! Fans of the actor suspected that he had again escalated
his heart disease, manifested itself last year.

In fact, as
assured actor, not to worry — he’s fine. And his strange is that he
have made changes in their image to become more like your character. The fact that Antonio was not only
got rid of his hair, and completely shaved off my eyebrows! As for his health, as assured
Banderas, with him everything is perfectly normal . “I really had a heart attack.
I’m not going to hide this fact, but I note that he was not too
serious and did not cause much harm to my body!” — said the actor.

Recall: in January
2017 became aware of the fact that Antonio, who, after his divorce from Melanie Griffith had an affair with a much younger girlfriend Nicole Kimpel, was urgently hospitalized, complaining of unbearable chest pain. The
diagnosis: heart attack and performed emergency surgery, setting it in the aorta three
stent. This, experts say, contrary to the assertions of Antonio on
carelessness happened to him is history.