Antonio Banderas has experienced a new heart attack

Антонио Бандерас пережил новый сердечный приступ
The actor was urgently hospitalized in a Swiss clinic.

Antonio Banderas


Admirers of talent of Antonio Banderas saddened by the sad news.
It became known that the actor’s health, were on vacation in Switzerland, suddenly deteriorated and he was taken to a local clinic. About it reported the Internet-the edition

Antonio arrived in Switzerland a little over a week ago to conduct
your vacation here with his 37-year-old girlfriend Nicole Kempel. Antonio and Nicole, with whom he
started in 2014, had a great time exploring the local sights.
They so enjoyed their vacation that the actor couldn’t resist to not
share photos, made in Switzerland with his fans. Under
one of the rare shots where he was pictured with Nicole, Antonio
signed: “a Beautiful day in Lausanne!”

However, the break was interrupted. 56-year-old Banderas
suddenly I felt unbearable pain in his chest and a concerned Nicole
took care to have him taken to the nearest hospital — Clinique de Genolier. It turned out that Antonio had a heart
attack. How serious is the state of the actor, not yet reported.

This is the second heart attack the actor this year. The first time he became ill in January,
when he was at his UK home in Surrey. After hospitalization Banderas some time and did not attend
the public. And when a few weeks later I saw it again, the witnesses drew
note that the actor himself did not dare to sit behind the wheel, apparently not confident in your
health, and trusted to drive Nicole. Besides, it was impossible not
notice that the actor was not too flowery. However, in the photos
made shortly before happened to him attack when Nicole and Antonio
just arrived in Switzerland, Antonio looked much better. Alas, Banderas,
apparently still not managed to fully recover and not calculating their forces, hastened
go on a journey…