Antonio Banderas commented on myocardial and heart surgery

Антонио Бандерас прокомментировал перенесенный инфаркт и операцию на сердце

Antonio Banderas since the beginning of this year made their fans worry about his health. Cause for concern was a heart attack. To leave everything to chance Banderas did not consider it necessary, therefore, went to Switzerland, where he appealed for help to the best cardio specialists. Recently “updated” Banderas and his girlfriend Nicole Kempel that he’s been Dating for two years, attended the Festival of Spanish cinema in Mahala, where among other things, answered the questions of journalists about the health and well-being.

Banderas said that a second heart attack, which wrote all the world’s media was nothing more than a fiction of journalists and was rather “attack the press”. In addition, Antonio admitted that he was actually made heart surgery: experts from the Swiss clinic under local anesthesia put the actor in 3 of the stent to expand the artery.

“It was frustrating, but it happens every day to people all over the world. Now I am recovering, I feel good, but a little change their way of life. This case I have never hid, didn’t want only that the press blew out of proportion… It wasn’t something serious and caused no complications,” — said the actor, adding that he now feels great. I hope it is.