Anton Makarsky has shocked fans with a story about his personal life

Антон Макарский шокировал поклонников рассказом о своей личной жизни
The actor admitted that Victoria had locked him in the bathroom.

Anton and Victoria Makarska with her daughter Masha

Anton Makarsky on the set and at home are two completely different people. In the movie, he can be a hero-romantic and family life 40-year-old Makarska reigns the heat of Italian passion. This Anton told in a Frank interview with Tatyana Ustinova in the framework of the TV program “My hero.”

Anton admits that earlier during the “showdown” with his wife could let his fists. No, about to raise his hand to his beloved, the speech never went. But the rage he could easily break the dining table and break through the door to the bathroom, where she locked Victoria, not to listen to his tantrums.

To curb your emotions and stop taking it out on his beloved, Makarska bought a punching bag. It helped, the scandals stopped. However, today, having lived in marriage with Victoria for 18 years, Anton continues to check her phone to read texts and moreover, to record her private conversations. That total control of the actor explains an exaggerated sense of responsibility for his wife.

Victoria believes that her husband was too jealous. “When I approach men, Anton becomes white. Just in case. And takes the stand. It is automatically…” — she admits.

Anton realizes that his explosive temper is not the best example for children – Masha and Vanya. However, Victoria is looking at the situation positively and philosophically: “I this all used to and all translate into humor. I understand how he gets tired… And rightly so!”