Anton Komolova and Olga Shelest and we work!

У Антона Комолова и Ольги Шелест — снова общая работа!
The friends announced a new cartoon and presented it in Moscow.

У Антона Комолова и Ольги Шелест — снова общая работа!

Anton Komolov

Photo: courtesy of organizers

У Антона Комолова и Ольги Шелест — снова общая работа!

Olga Shelest

Photo: courtesy of organizers

Anton Komolov and Olga Shelest, which together
they began their television career in the program “Cheerful morning on MTV”
the late 90’s, again well! TV presenter had co-lead various
projects and TV shows, but now they are a duet made in other roles. Anton and
Olga announced the Grand characters of the new cartoon “Norms and Enduring”,
premiered in Moscow yesterday.

Komolov was voiced in the cartoon the main character — bear
Norma, Olga — his mother’s Faith. In addition, one of the main characters of the presentation
was Nikolai Nikolaevich Drozdov: he voiced the grandfather Rule.

“I like to sound cartoons, it is
actually was my dream since childhood — said Olga Shelest. — I love Clara
Romanova, Soviet singer and actress who gave voice to the Hare, “Well,
wait!”, Baby cartoons about Carlson, and our Cheburashka, Hedgehog
“♪RUB! Hello!” and dozens of other characters. I have all her
records, we in the childhood with the sister learned of the role, changed voice. And very
it’s great that after mamontihi role in “Ice age” and the pug Bunny from
“Real squirrels” I finally voiced man!”

national television, a prominent scientist-zoologist and permanent host
transmission “In fauna” Nikolay Drozdov recently
brilliantly played the role of sloth Blitz in an episode of disney animation
hit “Zeropolis”, which grossed close to $ 1 billion rubles.
For 78-year-old professional sounding “Norm and Indestructible” — the big debut
films: his affectionate, cheerful and booming baritone talking to grandpa
the main character is the Norm, the King of the Arctic. Drozdov considers “Norms and Indestructible” not
just a fun and funny cartoon: “This is a very important film, it
tells about nature protection in the Arctic. And even though it is a comic any
history, they all have a serious background”.

Nikolaevich also liked the funny characters cartoon — lemmings:
“The friendship between lemmings and polar bear in the real world very much
conditional, but in the cartoon they are so charming, with such lemmings to be friends
sure you can”.

Nikolay Drozdov

Photo: courtesy of organizers

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