Антон Гусев супруге: «Женя, почему ты лишаешь меня сына?» The man said that the ex-wife does not allow him to communicate with the boy. Daniel had to celebrate dad’s birthday, but Eugene forbade the nanny to open the door to Anton. The businessman has already appealed to the police.

      Three months ago, former participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Anton Gusev and Evgeny Feofilaktova decided to leave. However, the couple did not devote strangers in their personal lives. Anton and Evgeny tried to create hype around his divorce. Now, however, between them was a scandal for the right to see the child. Yesterday, their common son Daniel celebrated his birthday, though the celebration was only the boy’s mother. Today Anton wanted to spend the day with her son, but he failed – the man-child is simply not allowed.

      “Jack, why do you deprive me of my son! Where such inadequacy? Why I’m now calling the babysitter! She’s not picking up while you’re at the photoshoot, she opens the door! I worry about my son! Yesterday I called her, said the son, today, will take three hours to celebrate birthday with children, I have prepared very beautiful!” – wrote a heartbreaking publication Gusev.

      According to him, the nurse argues the refusal to allow Gusev to the house the fact that Daniel had a fever, but the man that did not believe. However, Eugene said “StarHit”, which started the whole conflict.

      “Now Daniel has a temperature of 39 degrees. I suggested to Anton to come safely home, to drink tea with a cake and not lead the child to some party. He told me that it is not satisfied, he wants to pick it up. I don’t let him take the child because I don’t want Daniel complications of the disease,” – said Feofilaktova.

      Apparently, Anton decided to make the conflict public in order to somehow reason with his still legal wife, and at the same time tried to influence the nanny who only obey the instructions of mother of the child. According to the man, he is ready to call law enforcement to resolve the situation.

      “This is my son! I don’t drink, don’t smoke, work officially, my biography will be better babysitters at times, I was not deprived or depriving is never right my son! What are you doing? I called the police, not to beat it to me! Waiting sit, let them decide the issue. I am writing a letter to her, maybe she kidnapped my son?” wrote the furious man.

      Eugene said that after the policeman came, she said his version of what happened. The policeman promised to explain the whole situation. A former member of the reality show hate that Anton is so unflattering about the teacher who looks after their child.

      “Nanny living with us for years, she is a sensible woman, which too have a sick child will not let go. Unfortunately, dad doesn’t understand that health is more important. It’s just vanity and pride. All his life Anton arranged our nanny, and now he poured a bucket of mud,” upset Feofilaktova.

      In an interview with “StarHit” Anton talked about the fact that he and Eugenia are trying to make the son as less affected by separation of parents. The man promised to do everything possible for the happiness of your child is to help him financially, to pay for all his needs, including the nanny. While Gusev and Feofilaktova – wedded wife, their divorce proceedings was postponed to 23 December. After this incident, Eugene is going through the court to determine the order of meetings with the child. Anton Gusev on divorce: “Our Zhenya relationship has outlived its usefulness”