Anton Gusev went under the surgeon’s knife after a divorce. PHOTO

Антон Гусев лег под нож хирурга после развода. ФОТО The former participant “Houses-2” have decided to adjust the shape of the eyelids. The man admitted that he no longer feel comfortable at business meetings, because it doesn’t look fresh. Bags and dark circles under the eyes that bothered the star of the reality show, caused the treatment to the doctor.

      Антон Гусев лег под нож хирурга после развода. ФОТО

      Former member of the famous electroni Anton Gusev a couple of weeks ago declared the rupture with his wife, Eugenia Feofilaktova. Four years in, the pair managed to play a luxurious wedding, to get the business and the real estate capital. Family Union from divorce is not saved even a four year old son Daniel. Now Anton Gusev is ready for new friendships and changes in life.

      The man hurried to go to the clinic of plastic surgery Gayk Babayan with the request to correct the eyelids. Blepharoplasty is a surgery that is popular in many countries. For Gusev this is the second surgery.

      “I’ve done a rhinoplasty at the Nut Pavlovich – says “StarHit” Anton. – I had a deviated septum after an accident. The operation was a success, so I confidently turned to the plastic surgeon again. Now bother me forever. Genetics I the upper part of the eyelids hangs over the eyes and on the lower face, formed a hernia. I can mind a healthy lifestyle: don’t drink, don’t smoke. But Wake up in the morning with a swollen face for some reason, I hate. It began to escalate last six months, when I’ve run out of normal schedule life. It was too late to go to bed, to eat in haste, to turn gray at the computer”.
      Антон Гусев лег под нож хирурга после развода. ФОТО

      Another reason for such drastic measures become a working relationship with partners. A man need to regularly hold business meetings to which he is bruised under the eyes.

      “I have my own construction company – continues to Anton. – I often have to communicate with business people and business partners, hold conferences and meetings. So at every meeting I want to look aesthetically pleasing – without bruises and bags under the eyes. Incidentally, friends tried to dissuade me from surgery. Said: “Antoch, you look amazing! You have everything in order with the face.” But if I set a goal, you will not refuse it!”

      Антон Гусев лег под нож хирурга после развода. ФОТО

      After surgery, Anton will have to undergo a period of rehabilitation and follow several rules.

      “Anton we remove the skin from the upper eyelids, says the surgeon. – Then in the lower part of the face removed the hernia and excess skin is removed. Anton will be observed for 7 days. In a week he can safely return to work. Restrictions in lifestyle for it to be small: try not to touch the open wound, do not stay too long at the computer or behind the TV. All this in order to lower the swollen eyelids. Plus eyedrops. By the way, the result after the operation is stored for 10-15 years and does not affect the eyesight.”