Антона Гусева осудили за хвастовство большими деньгами The star of “House-2” is not ashamed to demonstrate their prosperity. Followers reacted negatively to the fact that Anton Gusev flaunting earned money. Fans advised him to be modest.

      Антона Гусева осудили за хвастовство большими деньгами

      It’s no secret that after participating in the reality show “House-2” many participants build a fantastic career, start your own business and consider myself to be elite. Very often, transmission is changing for the better in their everyday life appear in luxury cars, they move into a large country house, and begin to earn well. But few seek to flaunt their wealth and demonstrate financial success.

      However, one of the former participants of the reality show Anton Gusev decided to boast that he earns a lot. “While you’re looking for an excuse to butt the top of the house, I make babosiki”, said the man, published in the microblog photo, which he keeps stacks of rubles.

      However, the expected enthusiasm from the fans followed. Few people sincerely rejoiced this success Anton. On the contrary, most people condemned Guseva, because he exposes earned money. “I would not crazy enough to take a picture of your paycheck and put it in the “Instagram” photos!”, “Mauvais ton”, “a millionaire doesn’t brag. He just is,” commented followers.

      Recall that after participating in the project Anton Gusev was engaged in business. Together with his wife Eugenia feofilaktova they opened their own business – fashion stores. They also sell a franchise in all cities, thus expanding its network.

      I must say that Eugene Feofilaktova did not hide that its main purpose appears in the “House-2” became the search for rich men. She stopped for Anton, because he was from a fairly wealthy family. Young people started an affair, and soon Feofilaktova learned that expecting a child.

      Apparently, Eugene was pleased with my choice and now leads a comfortable existence. “Before leaving the project, leading frightened: what if Anton will not pull your whims? But my husband surprised me: he is our breadwinner! I in what does not deny . We have, as in the proverb, husband – head wife – neck. Every evening discussing the family budget, I’ve got everything under control and directed in the right direction!” – enthusiastically said the former participant “Houses-2”.

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