Anton Gusev told the truth about the affair with Victoria romanet

Антон Гусев поведал правду о романе с Викторией Романец A former beloved member of Feofilaktova concerned about the rumors that appeared in the Network. Gusev made it clear that it is not necessary to trust different information actively discussed in the Internet. Anton is sure that it spread envious.

      Антон Гусев поведал правду о романе с Викторией Романец

      Recently, the Network appeared rumors that the former beloved member of Feofilaktova Anton Gusev left her for Victoria romanet. It was reported that the lovers had allegedly bought a house and will soon go to a vacation together. The sources, who wished to remain anonymous, also claimed that Victoria and Anton met at a birthday party Gusev.

      Information about the Roman Romanets and ex-lover Feofilaktova rapidly spread in social networks. Fans asked Gusev, whether his relationship with Victoria truth or is it another speculation.

      Concerned Anton hastened to clarify the situation. The star of “House-2” has published a post on his microblog, urging followers not to believe in appeared on the eve information. Gusev said that such rumors are the work of his hands envious.

      “Friends, do not believe any stupid rumors, all the rumors of evil and brainless people. No need to impose your negativity! Refute all such information in social networks. This is complete nonsense antifanatov. Separate humans and non-humans! Thank you,” shared a former member of telestroke in Instagram.

      Despite the fact that Gusev did not elaborate on what the rumor is about, his followers immediately realized what it was. Victoria herself chose to abstain from comment.

      Note also that in a recent broadcast of “House-2. Live” Alexander Gobozov said about who’s spreading rumors about the Roman Romanets and Gusev. According to the presenter of the program, he told the guards of the complex where he lives. Men claimed that Victoria and Anton allegedly bought a house in the area. Aliana Ustinenko and Andrey Chuev could not believe their ears. It is not excluded that spreading rumors is nothing more than someone’s bad joke.

      Recall that about parting Feofilaktova and Gusev became known in the beginning of the week. About the disorder in the family of Yevgeny and Anton announced in their social networks. According to byvshih participants “House-2”, they are no longer living together. Star telestroke also reported that especially did not share this news, wanting calm to get through this difficult period. Eugene Feofilaktova divorcing her husband