Anton Gusev told about the consequences of the conflict with his wife

Антон Гусев рассказал о последствиях конфликта с женой The man no longer intends to communicate with his former lover. Anton Gusev wanted to give Daniel a celebration in honor of the birthday, however, Eugenia Feofilaktova ordered the nanny not to let the boy out of the house. The former participant of “House-2” remained nothing how to call the police. The man shared with “StarHit” the consequences of a quarrel.

      Recently former participant of the reality show “Dom-2” Anton Gusev shared with her followers the details of the conflict with his still wife, Eugenia Feofilaktova. As it turned out, they had a falling out because of the desire of a man to see his son Daniel. Not so long ago the boy had a birthday, but on the occasion the Pope was not invited. However, Anton did not upset, he decided to organize another celebration for the heir. But arriving at the house to your ex-fiancee, he found himself before a closed door – the nanny did not want to give Daniel the Pope, Recalling the chill baby and a high temperature. Gusev had to call the district, so he decided a family conflict.

      Anton Gusev wife: “Jack, why do you deprive my son?”

      “Only when the police came, I was able to see my son. She was alert, with a blush on her face. When he saw me, he ran to meet her. Sick children do not behave. It amazes me how Jack does it. Does a mother whose child is sick, going to some photo shoot? Can’t understand what happened to her why she was treating me and to prevent contact with the son,” – said the “StarHit” Anton.

      A man upset that he has failed to spend the holiday with your child. He specifically organized a birthday party for the boy invited her friends with kids, but it all proved in vain.

      “I spent a lot of money, doing it from the heart and not for publicity. But I’m not going to go to her home via courier will give all the gifts from the guests and, of course, sweets. Don’t want to deprive him of the holiday. Jack probably thinks he’s hurting me, but in fact it does not give the son to have fun. I want my Wife to fall in love finally maybe it’ll calm her down,” says annoyed Anton.

      Eugene itself has said the “StarHit” that she offered her former lover alternate version of the holiday. She didn’t want the boy to spend time in a public place.

      “I am Anton is invited to come safely home, to drink tea with a cake and not lead the child to some party. He told me that it is not satisfied, he wants to pick it up. I don’t let him take the child because I don’t want Daniel complications of the disease”, – expressed his point of view Feofilaktova.