Антон Гусев «украл» Викторию Романец The man took her to the Maldives. Anton Gusev and Viktoriya Romanets decided to spend the vacation. Some fans don’t understand why love is still hiding a reunion.

In late June, the stars of “House-2” Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev said the unexpected news – just two weeks before the wedding they had a fight and cancelled the celebration. The girl is not sought to restrain his anger at the beloved and accused him that he literally lived at her expense. Anton hurried excuse and said he hacked the messenger the chosen one and found correspondence with another man. After that, they stopped publishing pictures of and assured that they are no longer together.

Despite the fact that the couple continues to keep the intrigue and not declare publicly that they reunited, today Gusev and romanet went on to relax on the island.

“Well. Hi, Maldives,” wrote Victoria in the microblog and published a photo taken from an airplane window.

A similar shot appeared on the page in men. Fans were happy that the lovebirds are back together. However, some believe that Anton and Victoria had indeed broken up, but because I believe it is nothing more than a “show”.

“So you and Anton together? Both the Maldives let’s go!”, “Who’s for a spot of Anton paid, are you?” “Vic, I like you, but this circus Gusev already tired, if you don’t want to make relationships for everyone that you made up, not palites with photos. Made up and well, live happily ever after. But from this direct unpleasant. What!? Anyway, sooner or later have to tell”, “you only doper that she Gusev? It has long been clear that they are together. All the same, just no joint photo”, “Jane did a wedding in the Maldives. You and Anton are going too?” wrote curious fans.

The fact that the lovers are reunited, it became clear in late July when a man was celebrating a birthday. Among the invited guests was Victoria. Apparently, the couple were not afraid that they are noticed together, and settled down in the common room of the restaurant where there were other visitors who may well have to consider them. Anton Gusev about the cancellation of the wedding with Victoria romanet: “her mind is still “House-2”

The last time Anton spared no expense to indulge your favorite. Not so long ago, he argued in the blog that the girls need to constantly give flowers. He was holding a beautiful bouquet of bright pink roses and then a bouquet was photographed Victoria. Judging by the pictures, she was glad to see such a spectacular present from a loved one.