Anton Gusev on divorce: “Our Zhenya relationship has outlived its usefulness”

Антон Гусев о разводе: «Наши с Женей отношения изжили себя» Former participant reality show “House-2” gave a candid interview with “StarHit” to stop the rumors. Anton Gusev and Evgeny Feofilaktova for three months do not live together. The man openly talked about the breakup with his chosen and shares his plans for the future.

      The divorce of former participants of the TV project “Dom-2” Anton Gusev and member of Feofilaktova was a shock to their fans. The couple spoke about their decision in the microblog, but did not go into the details of what caused the breakup of the perfect couple. Therefore, their gap has been a lot of rumors. Anton Gusev has decided to stop the dissemination of false information and stated the position “StarHit”.

      As it turned out, the spouses do not live together since the end of September. During this time Anton and Eugene are periodically communicated as they shared growing up the son, and the family business.

      “Explicit reasons for our divorce is not. We haven’t had understanding in the family. Our relationship has simply run its course – we started in different ways to look at life, began to set other priorities. We talked at the end of October, but realized that we do not return. We were family for each other people, but just not together,” – said Gusev.

      According to men, they Zhenya promised to each other as possible to discuss their divorce in the press. Anton wants his son suffered from separation of the parents. Gusev is ready to come to the aid of his ex-wife at any time of the day or night.

      “Daniel doesn’t know everything. I hope Jack tells him that I’m at work – says Gusev. We often see son, I come pick him up. For the New year want to come in costume of Santa Claus”.

      December 13, Anton and Eugene will meet in the courtroom, where will be the terms of the divorce. Gusev hoped that Feofilaktova don’t file for child support – he will do everything so that his son grew in abundance – you will not regret money for everything you need, including payment for childcare and education. Also, the man believes that it is still the official wife is not going to obstruct his visits to son.

      “On the eve of the upcoming hearing, I, of course, difficult. We had a lot of good over the years. I remember when we fooled around, for some cities went. This is my first family – I am sad that it is destroyed,” – said Gusev.

      Despite the fact that the spouses do not live together a little more than two months, Anton hate to see what Feofilaktova appear Boyfriends, gifts which she shows off in the Network. However, Gusev hoped that his ex-fiancee happy just as far as shows in the microblog.

      “It offends me, of course. I hope she has his excuse, – says Anton. We spent five years together, it is impossible to forget it at once and to write that happy? Yes, she probably pleasant this interest in her person, I may be in the last year and a half had not paid some attention, although he tried.”

      “StarHit” told surrounded by the pair that the reason for their divorce was one of the famous participants of reality show “Dom-2” Victoria romanet. Anton Gusev has its own version of what is happening between them.

      “Yes, I will not hide, now I talk to Vika. But she was not the reason for our Zhenya divorce,” admitted Anton.

      Gusev said that after Feofilaktova they announced the divorce, he started coming to the numerous messages from girls who dreamed about a romantic relationship with him, but Anton himself planning to be realized in his career.

      “I want to evolve in his work, shares his thoughts Gusev. – I have a son, so whatever happens, he needs, first and foremost, have something. I now say, “Probably, again will go to “the House-2″ look for love”. But for me it’s all in the past now, focus only business.”