Антон Гусев передумал разводиться с Викторией Романец Ex-member of telestroke gave beloved a surprise. Anton gave a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Victoria has posted pictures with a gift in microblogging. Fans are wondering forgave the girl spouse. The Gusev wrote that all is well between them.
Антон Гусев передумал разводиться с Викторией Романец

In the beginning of this week it became known that Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev plans to divorce. None of the couples did not mention the exact reason which prompted them to take such a decision. However, in the circle of ex-participants “Houses-2” it was said: it all happened due to the fact that her husband bad earned. Rustam Solntsev argued that love Vicki and Anton ended as soon as they had to solve domestic issues.

Victoria romanet was diluted with Anton Gusev due to financial problems

“I think her rejection of the insolvency of her husband and played a crucial role in their breakup. Baby soft, it can not hurt. I’m sure the family was injuring a few of his conversations and here’s the result. Don’t know whether this final gap, so many times they were fighting,” – said Rustam.

Probably, the showman was right. Indeed, on the eve Anton brought Victoria luxury bouquet of red roses and a big Teddy bear.

“Love you my mean spirited” – signed Gusev frame with gifts for his wife.

Romanet accepted the gift and decided to share snapshots with beautiful roses in his microblog. “Little things of happiness in one photo,” said the girl in the caption to the frame.

Fans began to actively discuss a new twist in the relations of spouses. “The flowers were presented, and all of you was unfounded? And took the statement?””Anton good! Vikie, I hope all is well”, “he does Not want to let you go! And rightly so!”, “I’m so glad you are together! Be happy and don’t swear!”- wrote the followers of Victoria.

By the way, Anton says on Instagram that all is well between them. In a new post he wished followers a good morning and answered all questions.

“Friends, it’s all right, nobody ever gets divorced, all live. Sometimes we get a little emotional you. Wake up, go to the gym and Affairs,” wrote the former reality show participant.

Vika and Anton often had misunderstandings in the relationship. And since both ex-members of telestroke very fiery tempers, they often resort to drastic measures.

Earlier the girl had accused the chosen one that he took from it the large sums of money. “I paid the rent, dinners at restaurants, even their vacation with Daniel was organized on my money” – shared romanet.