Anton Gusev harshly criticized the French airline

Антон Гусев жестко раскритиковал французскую авиакомпанию
Recently the stars of the main telestroke country Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet went to romantic Paris, determined to continue their journey.

Антон Гусев жестко раскритиковал французскую авиакомпанию

But they were a nuisance, Luggage Anton was lost, which he strongly protested. Gusev wrote in his microblog post, accusing the airline irresponsible attitude to their work.

Антон Гусев жестко раскритиковал французскую авиакомпанию

“We flew to this absolutely irresponsible behaves in relation to the current situation in which blame myself! The fact that my wife and I passed along our luggages, departing to France from Moscow, her suitcase arrived, my they lost. Then they said they flew their tag, in the end, no one tube does not take, responsibility can not be held responsible for the robot!

We flew to Paris for 5 days! I personally have spent here more than 1000 € Euro only for food and entertainment, not counting the payment of the hotel etc, wanted in addition to celebrating his wife’s birthday, to relax, to get only pleasant emotions all the rest, in the end, the rest is broken, every day I worry about your Luggage, which are the keys to your own Mercedes, a Russian passport, all documents, some money, a personal laptop, bought new things for Paris, shoes cheap and a lot of necessary” – outraged young man.

Recall that the couple, who some time ago was vacationing in Prague, there also was trapped in a bad situation. They were not given the promised 50% discount, so I had to pay a much greater amount.

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