Антон Гусев дал жесткий отпор подруге Виктории Романец The man believes that Sasha Artemova has no right to evaluate its relationships. A friend of the bride of Anton Gusev allowed himself unflattering remarks of his address. The former participant “Houses-2” has decided to answer the bold statement of the girl.
Антон Гусев дал жесткий отпор подруге Виктории Романец

Parting Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet for a couple of weeks before the wedding became the most discussed topic for all fans of the reality show “Dom-2”. The cause of the rupture was polzela correspondence bride with a friend, which she said she does not like the groom. The girl, in turn, accused Gusev that he earns little and cannot pay chic celebration.

Girlfriend Victoria romanet Sasha Artemova criticized it and expressed the opinion that she deserves a better life partner. Apparently, the man touched the word friend of the bride. Anton could not keep himself from the comment and said that enough earns even more than the groom’s friend. Sasha Artemova about the wedding Wiki Romanets: “She phoned me and cried,”

“She says she’s never seen me somewhere worked. My answer to that is to make more of its men and, in contrast, have their own “Mercedes”. I have my own construction company, I sell clothing and network business, so I find it funny when people like Sasha in something reproach me. Adequate Vika’s friend now stepped aside and not give her any advice, so as not to confuse and give a chance to think. I feel for Sasha, but not her to talk about money,” – said Gusev.
Антон Гусев дал жесткий отпор подруге Виктории Романец

Anton admitted that now supports communication with Victoria and tries to participate in her life – interested in the Affairs and take care of his beloved.

Антон Гусев дал жесткий отпор подруге Виктории Романец“She talk on the phone, texting. I am constantly worried about her – where is she, who is thinking… And it amuses me how her friends, specifically Sasha Artemov, act as the advisers in this situation,” says Gusev.

Now the man is doing everything to beg forgiveness from the beloved. He admitted that he is even willing to pay for the wedding. Former member of “House-2” decided not to rush things and not to arrange a celebration on the seventh of July, as scheduled. Anton Gusev: “I Want to publicly ask for forgiveness Wiki”