Антон Гусев нашел в Праге идеальную женщину For the New year is one of the most prominent couples among former members of the popular telestroke “Dom-2” Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev went to the capital of the Czech Republic. He found the perfect woman who never talks. And she’s talented stylists who coped with her hair.

Past 2017 for Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet was special: in the fall, in September, former participants of the project “Dom-2” combined bonds of marriage. In addition, this year, Anton managed to improve their status and become a successful businessman. Now, he said, he earns many times more than before.

Carry out the old year and greet the new couple decided in Prague, where both have never been. They settled in the upscale hotel and a few days of enjoying the Czech capital, doing the whole tourist program. Anton and Victoria tried the famous local desserts, visited museums and temples of the city. A special impression made on both the wax Museum. Guseva subdued Marilyn Monroe. “The perfect woman in my opinion, stood five minutes, and though the words said. No! They stood silently and listened to”, – he signed photo with Instagram. And romanet left in awe of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt.

“Similar, similar, similar! Yes, Yes, Yes ! For 30 minutes we walked around three floors of the wax Museum got a huge emotions, come up with the same people. Tomorrow the plan of the temple and observation”, – signed photo of Victoria.

New year the couple met there, in Prague. Victoria, which gives their appearance a lot of attention, worried about my hair and makeup. At the gala dinner, Belle wanted to look exclusively. She brought with her Golden dress specially from Moscow. And hair and makeup she did a local craftsmen. Victoria was pleased with the result and shared it with subscribers.

“Even could not imagine that in Prague so (few can cope with my hair). Hair is kept still in perfect condition, but the makeup to wash off not like before going to sleep,” wrote romanet.

“The change of country and of images in General, changes the mood and attitude. The new year will be with new emotions, plans, goals and inspiration. Very interesting and nice time spend in the Czech Republic”, – he wrote.