Антон Гусев не стал молчать на критику Саши Артемовой
In recent days, vigorously debated the breakup and cancellation of a wedding, ex-members of the home country telestroke Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet.

Антон Гусев не стал молчать на критику Саши Артемовой

A close friend of Victoria Sasha Artemova decided to support her and said that Romanets deserves better chosen. But Anton did not like such a statement of Sasha, and he hastened to answer her.

“She says she’s never seen me somewhere worked. My answer to that is to make more of its men and, in contrast, have their own “Mercedes”. I have my own construction company, I sell clothing and network business, so I find it funny when people like Sasha in something reproach me. Adequate Vika’s friend now stepped aside and not give her any advice, so as not to confuse and give a chance to think. I feel for Sasha, but not her to talk about money”, – said Anton.

Note that now Gusev tries to return romanet, although he was the initiator of parting.

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