Anton Gusev compared wife Olga Buzova

Антон Гусев сравнил супругу с Ольгой Бузовой Ex-member of telestroke told about the family budget. Some time ago Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet tied the knot. As it turned out, the darling of the men earns more than him, but he does not consider himself a gigolo.
Антон Гусев сравнил супругу с Ольгой Бузовой

Some time ago, former participants “House-2” Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet tied the knot. Secret wedding the young people went away from prying eyes. Fans of the couple found out about their wedding after it has taken place. Recently, Gusev and romanet answered questions from social media users live.

During the online broadcast we are talking about income newlyweds. Victoria romanet does not hide, that always earned more than their men.

“I’m an independent, I feel better,” said the brunette.
Антон Гусев сравнил супругу с Ольгой Бузовой

Anton Gusev did not mind the difference in earnings between him and his wife. “That’s OK, in the 21st century,” he said. The man also shared that he is ready to take on the main costs and to indulge in Victoria luxury gifts. If this couple does not have a “common pot” into which they would put the money.

“I earn the same amount, and vetch – another. We have a separate budget. Vick earns through social networks, and my 250, 000 get not as easy. I go to the network business, have been selling costumes. Now there are women who earn ten times more. For Example, Olga Buzova. This does not mean that the man next to the woman,” – said Gusev.
Антон Гусев сравнил супругу с Ольгой Бузовой

Young people reported that they plan to get a prenup. “To avoid misunderstandings, carve. That all was equal, all was fine,” said romanet.

According to Anton, he has a list of expenses and records all expenses to clean the house, eat dinner, buy products. Romanet and Gusev pay for housing up to 108 thousand rubles a month, and the restaurants are down about 80 thousand.

Anton and Victoria also asked how often between them there are conflicts. As it turned out, the lovers quarrel, but I’ll bet. According to Romanets, Guseva almost impossible to ruffle. Victoria said that the elect never laid a hand on her, reports

Recall that Gusev Romanets got engaged in the Maldives. The lovers tried to keep the intrigue till the last and did not publish pictures on the Internet, although some social media users suggested that they rest together abroad. That Victoria and Anton got married, it became known in late September. Then the couple decided to break the silence and told reporters about important changes in his personal life.