Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet divorce

Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец разводятся Former participants of the TV project “Dom-2” has decided to dissolve the marriage. That was the reason for the breakup, Victoria and Anton would prefer not to speak in detail. Fans of the couple do not lose hope for their reunion.
Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец разводятся

On Monday it became known that former participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Anton Gusev and Viktoriya Romanets decided to terminate the marriage. Earlier in the week the couple plans to apply for a divorce. The announcement appeared in the romanet group in “Vkontakte”.

“Vika and Anton served tomorrow for divorce. The end,” wrote the administrators of the community the sultry brunette.

“StarHit” contacted Victoria, who confirmed the news. The reasons for the separation with her husband romanet prefers not to discuss the details of protecting personal life from public attention.

“Yes, we’re getting a divorce,” said romanet.
Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец разводятся

Concerned fans of the Victoria and Anton discuss the incident in social networks and put forward their version of the parting stars telestroke. From the couple seemed very harmonious. “What happened?”, “Is it true?””Do not believe” – discussing on the Internet.

Some social media users believe that young people will be reunited. Fans Gusev and romanet remember a serious quarrel between them, which occurred last summer. Then former participants of the reality show called off the engagement, but later reunited and secretly registered the relationship. Wedding lovers was held in the Maldives. The rumors that Anton and Victoria again found common ground, discussed in the Network for several weeks, but the stars themselves “House-2” preferred not to comment on the speculation of the public. Only in September Gusev Romanets talking about the change in marital status.

Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец разводятся

Victoria became the second wife of Anton. Before to come together with romanet, the young man was in a relationship with Eugenia Feofilaktova. What Celestron have a common son Daniel, who was born in December 2012. The godmother of the boy is Daria Pynzar. In November 2016 Feofilaktova announced the breakup with her husband.

“We no longer live together with Anton. We broke up. But we did not write and did not speak, because they wanted to survive this difficult period of calm, without gloating comments and unwanted advice. Now it’s been enough time, so we decided no more of you to cheat. We now have everyone has their own personal life,” wrote Eugene on social networks.

Commenting on parting with Feofilaktova, Gusev noted that their relationship “has outlived its usefulness.” “Explicit reasons for our divorce is not. We haven’t had an understanding family,” shared Anton.