Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet bought a townhouse

Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец купили таунхаус Eks-participants “Houses-2” has got its own housing. Victoria romanet pleased that in 28 years she managed to earn on real estate in Moscow. Now, she is selecting the designer who will create the project of interior decoration of the house.
Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец купили таунхаус

Last summer, the former participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet became husband and wife. Despite the fact that the couple usually do not hide anything from his fans, including disagreements and strife, such an important event, they chose to hide from followers. Anton Gusev has decided not to divorce with Victoria romanet

Now the couple purchased a joint property. Victoria boasted that she is now the owner of the townhouse, which is located in the village near Moscow. Romanets has told fans on the acquisition.

“Can’t say that I dreamed of. As a private housing should be for everyone – is the norm. Especially in 28 years. Tightened I with their rolex, Cartier and so on, all to earn always by itself without the help of anyone!” – boasted Victoria.
Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец купили таунхаус

Now Victoria and Anton started repairs in the new housing. The former participant of the reality show turned for help to his fans. So she recommended an intelligent designer to make their extremely individual project.

Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец купили таунхаус“But without the help of the designer in any way. The total area of 136 squares must be Packed in the best way! So I need the best design project. Also need design the garden. We got a townhouse with a gorgeous area, as you do not want some bushes to put on the pattern. Want Edward scissor hands came to cut the staff personally, and be sure the fountain needs to be,” said romanet.
Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец купили таунхаус

While Victoria and Anton take shelter in the same cottage. They liked this property, but because they were looking for something similar. Now they are coming pleasant chores of repair and decoration of real estate. The followers congratulated the married couple with the purchase.

“Rimma! I congratulate you on such a gorgeous purchase! This is so cool!”, “Even though you call it the norm, yet it is a great joy! Pleasant design and repair class! Let these walls there is always love, joy!”, “Good girl, congratulations on the purchase of real estate,” wrote fans.

Victoria admitted that they could not determine the location of the townhouse to take the Central part of the house or the side. It warned against the fact that the angle is not the most advantageous position. However, judging by the video, which was published by romanet, their housing is located at the beginning of the structure. Ex-participant reality show talked about the fact that in this case they have more Parking space and garden.