Anton Gusev about the ex-wife: “Jack is not created for the family”

Антон Гусев об экс-супруге: «Женя не создана для семьи» Former member of “House-2” told “StarHit” about how he felt after divorce. Anton Gusev admitted that for a long time trying to repair relations with Eugenia Feofilaktova. Now the man realized that his ex fiancee was not ready to do anything to save the family. He wished her to find a new love.

      At the end of last week the famous members of the “Dom-2” Eugenia Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev officially divorced. Fans could not believe that such a beautiful couple broke up. Some followers of Eugenia and Anton urged them to find the strength to reconcile, especially because they have a growing four year old son Daniel. In a candid interview with “StarHit” Anton spoke about how he felt after the divorce and for what reason they are ex-vozlyublennye failed to save the relationship.

      “We have not lived together for several months. My soul is now a contradiction – I’m not happy about the divorce, but not distressed. I began to understand that Jack is not designed for families. Even when our son was born, we were assistants, nannies. I already think that even a little love from Eugene to himself I never saw,” said Gusev.

      According to the former participant “Houses-2” immediately after the breakup, he did everything to establish relations with Feofilaktova. Some time Anton, by his own admission, still hoped for a positive outcome of family conflict. He was waiting for his wife to come to their senses and back to him. Moreover, Gusev tried to involve in the decision of mother Eugenia, but all attempts to restore peace in the house proved futile.

      Anton was hoping that they had with Eugenia will not have quarrels over their child. Four year old Daniel left to live with her mother and the man was hoping that his ex-wife will not become obstruction in meetings with the boy. Recently, however, between Gusev and Feofilaktova real scandal. The former participant “Houses-2” I wanted to arrange the son’s birthday, but mother didn’t allowed the boy to go with dad for the holiday. Anton Gusev told about the consequences of the conflict with his wife

      “I had already applied to court to set the order of meetings with Daniel. A son to me – the most important thing in life. After my birthday I brought baby gifts, which are prepared for it my friends, we went out for tea and cake,” – said Gusev.

      Not long ago, a man decided to sell their business family clothing stores. However, the former participant of “House-2” admitted that the plan they had discussed with my coach right after I decided to leave. The woman was not willing to part with the business, which has invested much time and effort. Anton hopes that from the proceeds from the sale of funds each of them will be able to start your business.

      “Of course, I’m sorry to part with so much labour was spent on it, – said Gusev. I remember the first sketches of the design space that I created. As a man, I gave the business more attention, Jack with his hand, and often participated in photo shoots of clothing, strongly promoted our brand.”