Anton Belyaev is preparing a special surprise for the future baby

Антон Беляев готовит особенный сюрприз для будущего малыша Semifinalist of the second season of “the Voice” and founder of the group Therr Maitz told reporters about what kind of gift he wants to give to his yet unborn son. The long-awaited event in the family of Anton Belyayev has to happen in the near future.

Very soon the wife of the founder of the group Therr Maitz Anton Belyaev Julia will become a mother for the first time. The woman is in her last month of pregnancy. Fans of Anton I wish his family all the best and hope that the beloved musician will be an easy birth. Julia and Anton are waiting for a baby and love sharing emotions in social networks.

Belyaev recently gave an interview to journalists. During the conversation with the correspondent the musician told about a special gift he intends to make a not yet born baby. The actor admitted that he plans to devote to the child composition. Its premiere will take place on the day of his son’s birth. In addition, Belyaev and shared creative plans for the coming months.

“I wrote a song to his son. He’s not even born and the release of the track will be his birthday on the platform of iTunes. The single is called Undercover. I hope it will suit other parents! The release is expected in may. Just write a new album, working on a video from concert in “Crocus” and “Arena”. In General, the whole bunch!” — founder Therr Maitz.

Recall that for the first time about the pregnancy of Yulia Belyaeva became known in January of this year. Lovers announced the imminent addition to the family page on the social network. While on vacation in the Maldives, Anton shared a photograph in which his darling is depicted with a distinctly rounded belly. “Someone now someone” — pointedly hinted artist. Belyaeva fans immediately began to congratulate him with the future baby.

After some time the couple decided to reveal the sex of the firstborn. During the conversation with journalists Yulia said she was going to have “micro-Anton.” The woman also admitted that she and her family had a premonition of the boy. By the way, at that time, the couple could not decide how to name the baby. Julia admitted that prone to extravagant options, but her husband prefers more classic names.

We will add that in a recent interview with Anton Belyaev told about my favourite holiday. According to the man, he loves to celebrate the birthday of his wife Julia. For this celebration Belyaev ready to cancel all my plans. Speaking about his family, the actor also confessed to the magazine SNC, in the near future in the list of the special dates should be another. Musician looking forward to that glad time, when you become a father for the first time.